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I receive this story setting with rapé near my fire place in the Sacred Valley of Peru. With my eyes closed I could see the images of the story happening before me. With visions of the people being captured to the eagle being killed and bodies vomiting from the great eagle's mouth. I feel the spirit of this story come to life within me. Thank you Dennis for sharing this story. It is a great honor to recieve what have to share.

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Thank you Dennis. I received the story. Beautiful telling in honor of the Yawanawa and our world.

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Thanks for sharing ✯☩∿

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Thnak you a lot.

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Hi Dennis. I have recently sat in prayer with three members of the beautiful Yawanawa family. Having met them I started looking to learn more and happened upon your Substack. Thank you for your work.

Today I receive the creation story of Tetepāwā Tukaini - I went down by the river where I am blessed to live, sat in an old oak tree that created a perfect sitting place with his trunk and branches, touched the trunk of the tree with my feet, took their Rapé with the intention to receive as fully as possible this creation story.

Complex, and so I will allow the story to work through me in the days and weeks to come. For now I remain with the feeling of safety that they create, you create around these forces, the respect I hold for these forces, the synchronicities of me sitting in a great tree while you start the story of the great Samaúma tree; I also found a small feather on my way to the tree that I decided to take into the story space. I find creation stories of indigenous tribes much more complex than the one I grew up on (Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve). Killing, death and rebirth are present, tremendous power of creation comes from the death and dismemberment of an element, in this case, the Eagle.


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