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Hello Dennis. Deep bow to you and your being. Thank you for sharing your ncredible trip through Nepal into Tibet.. your pursuit of your intentions that took you into Tibet and the incredible synchronicities that flowed through you, the people around and the land. Everything aligned for you in the most perfect way and time.

I have always been drawn to Tibet as well.. and to other ancient places before they get lost to modern civilization. Reading your post reminded me of my own passion and deep call to authentic travel.. which has been buried these days as I am consumed in my current form of life.. not complaining though as I am relishing every moment right now as a mother of a 6 month old.. I am hopeful that at the right time I will be back on the road again.

Deep gratitude to you for sharing. Deep deep gratitude for initiating me into the journey of medicine.



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In tears

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Wow! I really don’t have words for this chapter. I’m fascinated with your journey and your ability to remain grounded during the sky burial. Imagine if you would have listened to your fears. You would have never experienced this life changing journey.

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There's a beautiful boldness in this chapter. I suspect it will not be the last example of a heartfelt risk leading to a life changing vision. letting it sink in... I'm wondering if Tibetan Buddhism will continue to influence your spiritual practice throughout life? Perhaps I'll find out in subsequent chapters. Thanks Dennis!

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